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All Natural Delicious Soft Chewy Treats are made from the highest quality
human-grade ingredients. Great for picky eaters, senior dogs and puppies.
Dogs LOVE these treats!
SALTY PAWS, INC.  My Doggy Bites Soft Chewy Dog Cookies

Salty Paws carries My Doggy Bites. The all natural soft and chewy dog treat that is stamped with a dog paw print and my doggy paw of approval. My doggy bites are
available in soft and chewy Apple, Variety Pack,Peanut Butter,Cheese, and Bacon My Doggy Bites

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My Doggy Bites Soft Chewy Treats- Apple Honey
The apple and honey is so very yummy and best of all it has no wheat or corn ingredients. We did this so that our doggy friends who are allergic can also enjoy My Doggy Bites. They were given to our testing Lab (we like this pun) and our testing Bassett and got a woofing approval. Yum! Yum!
My Doggy Bites Soft Chewy Treats- Bacon
A very popular flavor is the bacon flavored soy and honey pawprint cookie. They also have wheat germ oil with Vitamins A and D added and use honey as the preservative. The added bacon flavored bits keep your best friend coming back for more bites.
OUT OF STOCK-My Doggy Bites Soft Chewy Treats- Peanut Butter
Our most popular bite is the tasty peanut butter. It is made in a human bakery with human ingredients -- gobs of peanut butter, syrupy molasses, non-fat dry milk, flour, eggs, and parsley (for your doggy's breath).
My Doggy Bites Soft Chewy Treats- Variety
If your doggy just canít decide which flavor she likes best we also offer an assortment of some or all of the flavors which are: peanut butter, cran-apple, cheesy, peanut butter, carrot oatmeal ginger, honey sesame, bacon, apple honey, and pumpkin apple.