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SALTY PAWS, INC. Honeysuckle Cushion for Cats

Salty Paws is where to buy honeysuckle cushion for your cat. Looking for a alternative to catnip, try the cat honeysuckle
cushion. Cats just love it and rub up against the honeysuckle cushion.

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Honeysuckle Cushion Cat Toy
The "un-catnip" cat toy that some cats prefer! If your kitty does not respond to catnip, it may adore honeysuckle. Each plump cushion contains a honeysuckle disk, for maximum aroma, just moisten and you cat will drool with love for it! Made with 100% cotton fabrics and double lined. Assorted natural colors, please let us choose one for you. Tip 1: The rich cat-attracting aroma of honeysuckle may be enhanced by simply spritzing the toy of choice with water. Tip 2: Put toy in the microwave oven for 5 seconds to enliven the Honeysuckle aroma (check temperature before giving toy to your cat!).