A great way to have your favorite breed right at your feet at all times!
One of our best sellers, makes a great gift. Custom made novelty socks,
one size fits most. Adult medium unisex, sock size 9-11 (average size)
75% cotton, 20% nylon, 5% spandex
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Birman Cat
Ragamuffin Cat
Orange Tabby Cat
Calico Cat
Tuxedo Cat
Black Cat
Silver Tabby Cat
Silver Tabby Cat
Siamese Cat
SALTY PAWS, INC. Cat Breed Socks
Salty Paws carries a wide variety of cat breed socks and cat theme clothing. Check out our socks with cat breeds on them that will go
well with any cat apparel. Salty Paws dog theme socks are super cute and make the ultimate cat breed pet gift.

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